Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ever seen a grown man naked?

What I am about to share with you might make you uncomfortable but there is some true logic to the madness with which I live. 

Fact#1 Hotstuff has a machete
   We do not have guns in our house. Instead, Hotstuff has machete that can be found on his side of the bed. This is our only line of defense against bad guys who may break in or... want to date our daughter. 

Fact #2 Hotstuff sleeps naked
   Over the last year, Hotstuff has taken to sleeping naked. Though he has always preferred sleeping naked, this is something that has become the norm for him. 

 I know that this is something that you could have lived without but bear with me, there is a correlation between his nakedness and the machete. Now you know the facts we can proceed. 

Knowing that he is my hero and the man who defeats all scary monsters, I was worried about him sleeping naked. I mentioned to him that maybe he should not be sleeping naked. He simply shrugged his shoulders and asked: "Why not?" 
To which I responded: "Well, what if someone breaks into the house? You are not going to have anytime to put on any pants before the robbers kill us in our beds." 

And being the amazing husband that he is, he simply smiled and said, "Tell me something, if you wanted to break into someone's house you wouldn't want to be greeted by a naked man with a machete. Would you?" 

I cannot argue with that.