Thursday, August 27, 2009

Milestones & Miracles

What an incredible day for my children!
Miss May

Today was Miss May's first day of Kindergarten. Due to another appointment, I was unable to take her to school. But I dropped her off at a friends home, (one of her classmates). First day of school! Cute curly hair and an adorable outfit. What more could a girl ask for???? How about losing her first tooth!
YA!!!!! Miss May lost her first tooth tonight.

That's right!Miss May lost her first tooth tonight! My baby girl is growing up way to fast. When I was kid the going rate for a tooth was a quarter. Hotstuff and I figure with inflation, her one tooth is gonna cost us $5!

* She had her princess crown on the brave.

Bubba Jones
Today was his annual visit with his neurologist. Bubba Jones has cortical dysplasia; the left side of his brain did not develop properly. So, the two of us made our way up to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, to see Dr. Colin Van Orman. Yesterday, when I was telling him that we were going to the doctors he told me that he did not want to go and that he was mad. I asked why he was mad and he told me: " because I want to stay with my girlfriend!"
When we arrived at the hospital, Bubba Jones began to cry. He was scared about going in. The last time we went to PCMC, he went for an MRI and had to be sedated, intravenously. Without a doubt he doesn't have the fondest memories of PCMC. Before we got out of the van, the two of us said a prayer to help him have peace. Afterwards, he had no problems!
Dr. Van Orman was running on schedule and we were called back to his office. The prognosis: Dr. Van Orman said he is doing better than he ever imagined that he would! Once he turns 5 he will no longer be high risk for seizures! What a huge relief!!!!! Our next appointment will not be until he is 5 or 6.
This little boy is an incredible testimony of the power of Miracles.

*Bubba Jones throwing a penny into the water at PCMC


erin said...

awww, I love the milestones. It makes me sad to see my own children grow up, but I love this post.

SO said...

Wow! The first day of K AND a lost tooth??? That's some big stuff! How fun. She looks adorable!

And that is so awesome that he is no longer at risk for seizures! Good stuff. Good stuff.