Sunday, November 15, 2009


I didn't realize how busy my life really was until I saw when I made my last post. I just don't make time to sit and blog once a week. So here are just a few pictures of what been happening....

This is what Hotstuff has been working on lately. This was taken about a month ago. This piece is still a work in progress and he has made a ton of progress!

Miss May and Bubba Jones started gymnastics in September. I know the qualities of these pictures are not the greatest ( the lighting is funny from where I was sitting)but I will get better ones up later. Miss May is on the uneven bars and Bubba Jones is on the balance beam.

She's finally gone! My baby sister went into the MTC on Oct. 7th. She has been there almost 6 weeks and is doing great! Here is a small excerpt from her last letter:
"I told my companion that I don't know what to write that was funny from this week and she reminded of plenty of things and said that it is probably because all the funny things are becoming a normal thing for us. But right after we were talking about it, the best thing happened. I had my offical first "woops" with Spanish. I decided to speak only spanish one day. An elder came into the room I told him in Spanish, "You have a nice tie," but when his face turned red and everyone in the class started to laugh I realized I probably said something wrong. And indeed I had!! What I actually said was, "You have a nice body." I was horrified when I realized what I said but when the elder realized that is not what I meant we were all able to laugh it off--ackwardly. Now it is a pretty big joke in the district."

We met with her just before she went into the MTC and had lunch at Jason's Deli (yummm!).
So that's not all! But it's a start...

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