Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camp out with the croup!

Last month both Miss May and Bubba Jones had the croup! (Fun for me!) There is not much you can do for the croup except treat the symptoms. So I got a cheap $20 tent from Wal-mart and I finally invested in my own humidifier. I set up the tent, placed Miss May, Bubba Jones and the humdifier inside. The tent was set up in the living room and later moved to the bedroom at night. Who knew being sick was so much fun!! (notice the puke bucket redily available)
(The purpose of the tent was to humidify a smaller area allowing a greater concentration of humdity allowing the croup to break up faster.)..... (in case you were wondering)

(Not much room for anything else!)


Just SO said...

That tent idea is FABULOUS!

Boomka said...

The croup? The CROUP?! Man you seem to diagnose better than my mother did, she would invite my neighbor over to look at my rash, swollen throat, bead stuck in my nose, and make her own diagnosis. I would have loved a tent of sickness. Even now. I want one at work. How great would that be? Very Great is the correct answer!