Monday, May 31, 2010


I KNOW!!! I am so sorry! I haven't posted anything for almost two months now! So to catch all of you up here is the month of April!
*may will soon follow!

The Begining of April; Miss May, Bubba Jones and I all went to the Dinosaur museum. We spent the day together just playing! We went to luch at JCW's and then played at the museum!

The dinosaur exhibits are pretty cool! They kids had lots of fun and were amazed at the real size of dinosaurs! They look so much more adorable and smaller on TV!


There was also a hands on exhibit that the kids loved! It was a water trough were the kids built dams, created banks and islands and played in the sand! Big mess but lots of fun! For some reason Bubba Jones didn't like the feel of the wet sand.

The HIGHLIGHT of the month of April for me! To make a very long and complicated story very short and simple: I have this wonderful Aunt, Uncle and cousin that I have not seen in almost 7 years! Through facebook, I was able to get in contact with CCC again! We met at the Gateway and had lunch and let the kids play at the planaterium for a while! I felt like I had a piece/peace of my family back! It was an answer to many spoken and unspoken prayers!

And it's official! C and C are going to get sealed in the temple!!!!

Speaking of Temples!.....
Adam and Jessica got hitched!!! Long time Family Friends, The Cox/Ward family, came to play and celebrate! Laurie and Calvin are wonderful family friends whose son Adam married his sweetheart, Jessica in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. It was a great time to see old friends and wonderful faces of so many!

Seville and her wonderful face!

Carissa and Jaiden! Carissa (my sisters best friend!) is one of the most patient moms I know! She is my Hero! when it comes to patients with kids! (yes it was Jaidens nap time!)

Adam and Jessica! The happy couple!

Easter finally arrives! And we ended up with TWO! count them TWO! Easter parties. Easter saturday, I had to work but Hotstuff took Miss May and Bubba Jones over to Granny's house. Easter sunday, all of us went to Papa and Grandmas house. The kids got to hunt eggs in the basement (second year in a row... because the weather has always been to icky outside).

Strategically placed Easter Eggs! Can you find all three??

FINALLY, to finish off the month of April:
It is official! As of April, Bubba Jones is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in 6 years, we no longer have to buy diapers nor do we in the forsee able future!!

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