Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mothers Advice

This afternoon I picked up the kids from Daycare. I asked how their day went and Miss May told me about her day and how the kids didn't get to go in the Pool because everyone of them were being naughty.

Miss May: I wasn't being loud. I was being quiet but because everyone else was being loud we couldn't go in the Pool. And I was being quiet but Bubba Jones was being loud.

Bubba Jones: Nu-huh! I was being quiet!

(Cue the sibling arugement!)

I told the both of them, that it didn't matter whether or not you were being good or bad. We shouldn't point fingers at who was good and who was bad. Sometimes it's about working together as a group to get what you want.

MOM points: 1000!!!!! DING DING DING!

Then Miss May told me all about how her friend J was being bossy and how she didn't like it.

Me: Miss May, she isn't the boss. You don't have to let her boss you, you know that? So what should you do when it happens?

Miss May: Go tell an adult.

Me: Well that is one thing but don't be a tattletale. Just Walk Away! You don't have to sit there and let her be mean to you. If she follows you then you can find an adult. God gave you legs so that you can walk away.

Shortly after I said this to her, I patted myself on the back for not only teaching my children twice in five short minutes but I had scored some MAJOR MOM Points. Then I realized what I said to my daughter: "God gave you legs so that you can walk away."

I have a feeling like this is something that will come back to haunt me.

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