Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Back!

For the last couple of years, I have wanted to get Miss May into a charter school. I haven't been impressed with public schools here in Utah and have been working for a better alternative. Bubba Jones just started Kindergarten this year and we were blessed to be able to get him into a charter school but Miss May didn't get in. So Hotstuff and I prepared the kids and ourselves for two seperate schools.

Miss May started school and on the second day of school, we got a phone call that a spot had opened up for Miss May to go to the same charter school as her brother. We moved her to a new school.

We are now almost two months into the school year and both kids are doing great. Bubba Jones being in this school is just what he needed for his brain. His teacher has been in contact with me on a weekly basis working with him and us on his delays.

Miss May on the other hand has struggled. I was upset to find out her reading level was so low but then I realized that she was being tested and scored differently than in public school. I also realized that she had been taught to sight read and that was the reason why she has struggled so much with reading comprehension. The level of learning is so much higher than what she was recieving at the public school that she is struggling. But I am not worried because she is being challenged and in a good way.

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