Friday, May 24, 2013

An Evening with the Palmers

It's a beautiful spring evening.
The lawn is green and freshly mowed.
It's Friday with a three day weekend.
Dinner time has finally arrived.

So off I send my Hotstuff to the House of Caesars to fetch dinner. He returns home triumphant with to large pies of pizza and Beer made from root. As we all gather in the kitchen for a Moo Cow dinner, Bubba Jones begins grace. Remembering to ask God to keep us all safe... including the blonde Swiss Miss next door.

Translation: It's Friday and I am too damn tired to cook. So Hotstuff goes to Little Caesars  returns with two $5 pizzas and root beer. We all stand around the kitchen, like cows that are grazing, to eat our dinner. Bubba Jones says grace. You with me so far???

Even though we had completely thrown all manners... well most of them anyways, out the door the kids wanted to eat their pizza outside. I don't blame them, it is a nice evening. We, Hotstuff and I, tell them no and  to just eat their dinner here. When they are done they can go outside.

Bubba Jones is not happy about this. He begins to be a serious punk about the whole situation.

"Bubba Jones," my amazing Hotstuff says. "Do you want to be grounded?"

Then the sweet little voice from my beautiful 9 year old Miss May speaks from the corner speaks ever so softly: "Yeah, I'd be okay with that."

Bubba Jones, who doesn't back down from a fight, then threatens to throw his pizza in my face. This earns him and automatic five for fighting- off to time out he goes. With his face, somewhat facing the wall, Bubba Jones begins he ritual time out chant.

"Can I come out now?"
"Can I come out now?"
"Can I come out now?"

"Well," Hotstuff comments. "You should give him credit for his determination.

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