Sunday, January 25, 2009

What new with us!

I am not the best a blogging every day- so here is the update on our family.

Bubba Jones- what can I say? he is getting too big! He is starting to put more than two words together and making choppy sentences. He just got a pair of Spiderman shoes that are three sizes to big and that is all he wants to wear. Let's face it- it's spiderman!

Miss May- her 5th birthday is super bowl sunday. I am feeling really old right now!!! She is doing so well in preschool. She writes her own name! She knows her colors, letters, shapes and numbers and is in the early stages of learning to read. She amazes me every day.

Hotstuff- He is the love of my life! Starting in February he will be starting a part time second job learning to be an electrician. A friend of his, from work, husband has his own electrician business and needs help. So he has offered Hotstuff a position and if he likes it he will help Hotstuff get an apprenticeship.

Honey- I am surviving this horrible winter weather. I currently work at LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, a 40 mile one way commute. I haven't seen my family in months but good news! I have a new job! I am transfering to American Fork Hospital-2 miles down the road. I got a raise, better and more hours; plus I get to be home with my family again. No more commutes that take 3 hours because of bad weather. YEAH!!!!

So that is the newest from Honey and Hotstuff. What's new with you???

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