Monday, February 2, 2009

Bravest Boy EVER!!

The other day I had to take Miss May to the doctors. She was a very little girl with a very BIG cold. While I was there I asked the doc about a few extras that I had been slacking on.... like immunizations for Bubba Jones. (I am so getting the worst mother of the year award!)
"Sure, no problem! We can do what is needs today and you come back in six months for the last shot," the doctor tells me. Now my doctor is a chicken..... he doesn't give the kids their shots, he makes the nurses do it. So, the nurse comes in with the tray and I lay Bubba Jones on the table and pull his pants down.
"Okay honey," she says. "This is just a little poke."
She cleans his leg... gives him the shot and... NOTHING!!!!!
NOT a cry, whimper, or tears! NOTHING!!!
I stand him back up, pull up his pants and he walks away as if nothing happened.
So any of you out there know a braver little boy.... let me know.

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