Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pleasant Moments

I was driving home today from the grocery store when I was struck by a pleasant moment. As a treat, I bought my favorite root beer : Henry Weinhards. What's unique about this wonderful and expensive root beer is that it comes in a glass bottle.

When my family lived in Germany, we had our soda delivered to us. Back then soda still came in glass bottles. Every two weeks a blonde haired gentleman would make his rounds on the base. I still remember this kind German who came by with a smile and our soda. He picked up our crates of empty glass bottles and delivered full bottles of Fanta and Pepsi. My parents knew little german and taught us to say hello and goodbye. I loved when the soda man came by!! We were able to use our german that we learned. Though it was not perfect, he would giggle and help us to say our words correctly. Then on his way he went until two weeks later when he came by again with more glass bottles of Fanta and Pepsi.

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