Monday, September 20, 2010

Punishable by death!

It is a fact that BYU and Utah fans are not the best of friends. Now, I am a PAC-10 girl. So for me the BYU-Utah rivalry doens't mean much but having married into a family of BYU and Utah fans, I am somehow caught in the middle. (but now that Utah has become part of the PAC-12 things are just a little different!)
This weekend Hotstuff and I took the kids, along with Granny and Great Grandpa C to the Utah Musuem of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. We loaded into Great Grandpa C's van and headed towards the musuem. Now, Hotstuff's grandpa (Great Grandpa C) taught at BYU for 23 years and while driving toward the U, Hotstuff noticed the great big Y parking sticker on the windshield.
"Um, guys do you think we are going to be okay with this sticker on the windshield?" Hotstuff asked. We all agreed the we should be okay but to be on the look out for trouble. We attended the musuem (which was great by the way! it's a must go and see!!! plus it's free!) and afterwards went into Salt Lake and had dinner.
On our way out of town, the best way to get to the freeway is to head back through the campus and hit the freeway from there. As we are passing through campus, Bubba Jones from his back seat starts chanting (and very loudly I might add!):
We quickly hushed him up and nearly made it out with out lives!
(For all of my BYU friends and family- I ask for you forgiveness in wandering into enemy territory.)
(For all of my Utah friends and family- I ask for your forgiveness in that my son used such fowl language on your beloved campus. GO UTES!)

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Just SO said...

That sounds like it was a really close call. Dangerous letters to use up there on the hill. Glad you survived.