Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas with a BANG!

My Christmas started off with a bang! more like a crunch, screech, scream and explode; all neatly gifted wrapped with a $500 deductible.
About two weeks ago I was in a car accident. I start work at 7 in the morning so when I go in, it is dark. I left my house and got the end of my road and stopped at the stop sign. It was raining, cold and dark. I knew to not only look for cars but to also look for lights from cars. I was going to cross the intersection and stopped at the the stop sign I looked to see if I could go. I was clear in one direction and further down the road I saw another car and his lights but I did not see the car in front of him or his lights. I thought it was safe to cross and as I went through the intersection, I was broadsided.
My airbags exploded and my entire body was jarred. The man who hit me was taking his kids school. Luckily, no one was hurt.
It was my fault and I felt so very stupid for the rest of the day. Two weeks later, I have my moments where I still feel stupid. The most embarassing part of all of this was the man who hit me... we both attend the same church!!! It is one thing to get into an accident with a total stranger.... you never have to face them once the ordeal is over but with some one you know!!!! I have to face this man every single Sunday!
After the accident, Mr. M (the gentleman in the other car) was very upset. Understandibly! But after a few minutes, he calmed down. Mr. M explained to me that he had just had a conversation with his son that Mondays aren't really a bad thing. They actually can be good. Then with a small smile on his face, Mr. M said: "Thanks for helping me teach him that lesson."
I felt very blessed later. Even though this accident had occured, Mr. M was kind. He never showed any anger, he never raised his voice and while I was waiting for Hotstuff to come get me, Mr. M's aunt had arrived to help him. The three of us sat in her Tahoe with the heater on full blast, while I waited for Hotstuff. Mr. M even called me later that day to see how I was doing! He also let me know that the kids were still okay.
I have now been driving Moby (our big white van) for the last two weeks while my G6 is in the shop getting repaired, (it should be done this week!!!!! yaaa!). I have struggled with driving it. It's not hard to drive and there are no problems with me or the van. So I posed the question on Facebook: "Is it possible to keep my "Hot Mom" status and still drive my van? or did that totally get crushed along with the passenger door on my G6?"
After two weeks, I am still wondering but no matter what I am driving.... ya I am still a Hot MOM!!

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