Monday, May 2, 2011

She's HOME!

After 18 (and a half) months, serving a mission for the LDS Church (for more info go to my baby sister returned home. She packed away all of her belongings, taking only what she needed and spent the last year and a half preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the California Arcadia mission (East LA area).

She was sent on a spanish speaking mission and ended up learning and speaking 5 different languages. Spanish, Korean, Armenian, Samoan and English!!

She returned home to all of us last week!!! It is so good to have her home. Even my Momma C, came all the way from Seattle to be here for her.

Me, Momma C and Sister AwesomeSauce

Sister AwesomeSauce and her best friend CJ

CJ and her main man JP!

Me and My Momma C

Me and Sister AwesomeSauce

When she finally got off the plane!!!

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