Friday, July 1, 2011

Cash, Diamonds and Harry Connick Jr.

For the last few years, when my birthday rolls around I ask for three things.
This year I got all three.
At work, we do birthday exchange. Each of puts $15 into the birthday pot and we pick a name randomly of another employee that we are in charge of celebrating their birthday. We plan their birthday lunch, decorate their desk and get them a gift.
My boss had picked my name for the year and at the begining of the month asked me what I wanted. I told my boss, that I was accepting gifts in the form of cash, diamonds and Harry Connick Jr. I also requested that she make her famous lemon.
Earlier this week, her huband was admitted to the hospital for some complications with this health. I told her not to worry about my birthday because she had a lot on her plate.
Thursday, on my birthday day I came into work. We have two doors to our office; a back door (for doctors) and a front door (used more for the public). As I approached the back door I noticed a sign. When I got up to the sign, on it was a picture of Harry Connick jr. with: It's Honeys Birthday today! When you see her wish her a Happy Birthday. On the front door of our office was another sign with Harry Connick Jr. on it with the same message.
At my desk, my boss had put a happy birthday sign and below was another picture of Harry saying Happy Birthday. I had one more Harry picture with more birthday wishes of: I wish I could be here in person to wish you a happy birthday. In total, I ended up with for different pictures of Harry.
On my desk, were small diamonds. They weren't real but they are the kind that are used for embellishing scrapbook pages. She had also gotten me a few other small gifts and a card. When I had opened it up, inside was some cash.
She had also made me her famous lemon cake. As I mentioned, her husband had been in the hospital and she also had her family coming in from out of town for the Fourth of July weekend. Her plate was incredibly full, she still managed to celebrate me. I couldn't ask for a better boss... and that mean more to me than cash, diamonds or Harry Connick Jr.
"Dear Honey,
I know that this isn't the kind of diamonds you would like or the amount of money- nor could I get you Harry Connick Jr but I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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