Friday, July 17, 2009

One and ONLY


When Hotstuff and I bought our G6, it only came with 1 key. The cost of a new key was $50! This is a special kind of key that has a computer chip in it that has to be programmed to the car. We had just bought a new car and did not have the extra cash for a new key. So we said we would come back later and get a new key made. It's not like we could go to Wal-mart and get a key made for $5, this is an extra special key and the cost was a bit much. It's seemed we never thought about getting an extra made because of the cost.

Sunday was the last time we saw our key. Hotstuff went to the car and rolled up the windows and got stuff from the trunk. That was the last they were ever seen. We have torn the house apart and cleaned it in search of the keys. We are going on day 4 with no key to drive the car. We still have the keys to our van and have been driving Moby (it's a big white van- hence the name.) But alas, Naked Harry (our car) sits in the suns and bakes begging to be driven.

The only solution, other than finding the key, is to have the car towed in to a dealership and have the key made and programmed to the car at the dealership.

Prayers have been said, house torn apart and cleaned, the most unlikely of places looked and still nothing. Time is running out and we are in need of a key.

REWARD: $1 Million dollars and an ice cream

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JennyMac said...

You really know how to million scratch AND ice cream. LOL.

I hope you find it!!!!