Monday, July 6, 2009

Precious Memories

Hey Hotstuff,
Do you remember that time when we were dirt poor, living in an apartment that was falling apart? You know which one I am talking about. The one where the carpet was thirty years old, the mold that was growing under the linoleum and on the ceiling in the bathroom. Do you rememeber the time when the air conditioner broke and you got in trouble by the managment for fixing it? I had an infection in my lungs and it took the managment over a week to come fix it. Or that one time where our neighbors swamp cooler was leaking water. He had to turn the water off and we no air conditioning. AT ALL!!! When our swamp cooler finally worked it made this knocking sound or that really loud squeaky sound because of the missing bearing on one side. In the evening times it would get unbearable hot because the sun would shine directly into our house with nothing to block the sun. Or how every winter our furnace broke down and our kids ran through the house freezing and all I did was bake to try and bring in some heat. When we got it to work, we had to make the house as hot as possible because the heater would die in the early afternoon. We would have to wait a few hours before it would finally work again. By then, the heat was all gone.
OH! and don't forget the bath tub! No matter how much bleach was used or how hard we scrubbed it was always gray. Nasty hard water stains... and who could forget the closet doors! They could never stay on. Do you remember the spaghetti sauce that was waxed into the floor that took three years to come out? Or the crazy phone lines in the living room?
For some reason, we always had the worst solicitors coming around.... even with a NO SOLICITING sign. Remember that one guy who called you nasty names?
Yeah, today was a good day!
love ya, Honey

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